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Treasure Valley Home Staging

Working Together to Create Striking Design and Beautiful Spaces.

Stacy Haynes

“Organizing and finding creative design solutions has been a thread through my entire life. It started with the freedom to decorate and redecorate my own room as a child, then helping friends and family redesign their spaces. It brings me great pleasure to help people create balance and flow in their lives. My philosophy is to work toward a minimal, clutter free design where each item is loved, enjoyed, or has a personal significance. One of my favorite quotes is from William Morris, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’  I am passionate about helping clients create order and beauty within their own homes.” Stacy, co-owner and professional home stager for TVHS,  shares a mid-century home with her husband of over twenty years and their four boys.  

Jade Durham

 "I have been an explorer and creator of beauty for as long as I can recall: drawing, painting, designing jewelry, restoring and upholstering furniture, and restyling interiors. I see the ability to transform a room or home into a haven as a great privilege and it is my hope that it brings both beauty and comfort to those that dwell within. In each space I consider the unique homeowner and enjoy styling specifically for their lifestyle and priorities."  Jade is the co-owner and professional stager for TVHS and is known throughout the valley for her unique designs and phenomenal ability to mix vintage and modern, high and low, and the expert layering of textures and colors.  A native of Boise, Jade and her husband of twenty four years have four wonderful children.